Film is without doubt a powerful communication tool for disseminating ideas and telling stories. Therefore the EAC have decided to use film as a tool for promotion of regional integration. In cooperation with the East African Film Network (EAFN) the EAC, with support of GIZ, embarked on training East African actors through an intensive hands-on intermediate level master class, in the form of a one week long workshop. This workshop titled “Acting for Film Workshop” took place at the Arusha Hotel in September 2014 during the Arusha African Film Festival (AAFF).
A total of 15 practicing actors (3 from each of the 5 member states) were selected by the EAFN country representatives to participate in the training. The Acting for Film Workshop took place within the confines of the EAFN, a forum of film – makers within the East African Region whose main mandate is to promote and advance the film industry within East  Africa. The objective of the workshop was to discuss and develop ideas on socio cultural integration in East Africa with an aim to;

  • Improve the skills of the East African film actors (acting techniques geared towards the camera as opposed to acting on stage).
  • Engage participants in thinking about how to take up the topic of ‘regional integration’ in their acting and film production work.
  • Develop new acting skills techniques to properly enhance the actor’s skills and elevate their career in the East African sector.

During the training both individual performances as well as group performances were filmed by a professional camera
crew and the final productions were all screened at the closing event of the Arusha African Film Festival.