Citizens doing the extraordinary: Impact Video of the IIDEA projects

IIDEA | The Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa creates opportunities for citizens to engage in regional integration. We provide technical, financial and promotional support to innovative and pioneering projects that highlight and contribute towards East African integration.
IIDEA was developed as a joint initiative by GIZ, EAC Secretariat and Regional Dialogue Committee to demonstrate the real-life experiences of regional integration to citizens and provide feedback to policy makers. By showcasing the tangible benefits of integration agenda, IIDEA aims to make integration real for citizens.
Looking back onto 3 years of IIDEA and over 25 implemented projects, the IIDEA impact video demonstrates the wide spectrum of initiatives, the stories of the beneficiaries and stakeholders and their achievements, illustrating the real-life stories of citizens engaging with the integration process.

Check out the IIDEA story in full color!

Here’s the link to the trailer (3 minutes)
Here’s the link to the full-length video (33 minutes)