New Initiative for Citizen Innovators on the EAC Integration Process

A new initiative for citizen innovators in East Africa, the Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa (IIDEA), is a joint project by the EAC and the Regional Dialogue Committee (RDC) with support from German development cooperation through GIZ.

IIDEA provides start-up help to small-scale regional integration projects which are proposed and implemented by civil society, private sector and other interest groups in East Africa. It is cross border in nature, with projects expected to benefit at least two EAC Partner States. Technical and financial support facilitates professional planning, implementation and promotion of IIDEA projects.

IIDEA shall communicate and showcase success stories of the EAC regional integration through real-life, tangible examples of integration benefits for the day to day lives of ordinary East African citizens. This will help East Africans to see the practical benefits of the cooperation beyond the abstract policies adopted by the various political players.

The goal behind IIDEA is that “East African Integration is lived because East African citizens understand the benefits of people-centred and market-driven regional integration.”

The call for proposals yielded 86 entries from a variety of fields such as culture and the arts, IT, agriculture, health and trade. Out of these, 12 projects were selected by the Regional Dialogue Committee.

For more information please contact: Mrs Joyce Kevin Abalo, Advisor, IIDEA; Tel: +255 752224570; email: