A short history of “Kiswahili”

The film “Kiswahili” is a result of a film training course that was held during the Nile Film Festival in Jinja in November 2014. It gives a short introduction into Kiswahili as the most commonly spoken language in the greater East African region – a language, that many East Africans feel related to and use to communicate outside of their known surroundings.

The film training was organised by the East African Community (EAC) Secretariat, in cooperation with GIZ and the East African Film Network (EAFN). The EAC has decided to use film as a tool for promotion of regional integration and provides training courses for East African actors, directors, producers, and script-writers. The courses take place alongside film festivals in each of the five EAC Partner States and always include deep discussions between participants on socio-cultural integration in East Africa and its ‘story-telling’ aspects. Most of the training courses in 2014 have produced short-films or documentaries on East African Integration.