IIDEA is an initiative which incubates small-scale regional integration projects, proposed and implemented by civil society, private sector and other interest groups in East Africa. It is cross-border in nature with projects involving at least two EAC Partner States. IIDEA provides technical and financial support for implementation and marketing of eligible projects. The initiative is implemented jointly with the East African Community Secretariat and the German Development Cooperation implemented by GIZ.

What is IIDEA doing?

IIDEA projects put into action and showcase success stories, impacts and experiences of citizens regarding the implementation of the EAC Customs Union and Common Market Protocol. This includes provisions such as the free movement of citizens, labour, goods, capital and the rights of establishment and residence of citizens in East Africa. In addition it will support projects that engage with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Who can apply?

We invite organizations with innovative projects and the capacity to implement them to submit their applications for support, in particular projects in the following areas: Health, Innovation in ICT, Agriculture, Trade and Tourism are eligible. We specifically encourage projects focusing on the needs of Youth and Women in the region. Please refer to the Project Concept Note for a complete statement of goals and expected results.

What do you need to do?

Applications must be received at EAC–GIZ Offices in Arusha not later than 30th July 2019. Applications and the relevant supporting documents thereof shall be submitted in PDF format (preferred) or other electronic format to iidea@eachq.org with a copy to eac-germancooperation@giz.de.

Any questions concerning this request for application (RFA) should be submitted in writing not later than 15 July 2019 prior to the closing date shown above to iidea@eachq.org with a copy to eac-germancooperation@giz.de. Final selection will be made in August 2019. Only successful applicants will be notified.

All projects are evaluated according to a fixed set of criteria, and the final funding decision is made by EAC-GIZ

Where to find all the relevant info?

The application form and all required annexes can be downloaded from the IIDEA web site at: https://www.eaciidea.net/tools/




EU-EAC MARKUP Tanzania Window


The Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP) is a regional development initiative funded by the European Union (EU) that aims to contribute to the economic growth of the East African Community (EAC). More specifically, MARKUP aims to support increased exports of agribusiness and horticultural products, promote regional integration and access to the European and regional markets. MARKUP assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda by targeting specific agricultural commodities.

At the regional level, the International Trade Centre (ITC) supports EAC’s efforts to improve regional trade and the business environment for selected commodities. This involves the strengthening SME export competitiveness and business development, including in quality management. In each of the countries, teams of Qualified Champions – national expert trainers and advisers – are developed and qualified while implementing quality improvement in enterprises projects under the supervision of international experts.

In Tanzania, the International Trade Centre is offering support to improve the quality of products and operations in the coffee, tea, avocado and spices sectors. 


Under MARKUP, teams of Quality Champions are being developed in each of the 5 EAC countries. As part of their qualification, these QCs will be assigned to SME where they will offer training, coaching and guidance and facilitate the implementation of quality improvement projects in the respective companies, initially, will be done over a 7-9 months period, while being overseen by international experts.

The quality improvement projects at company level will focus on reducing waste, improving efficiency and productivity, ensuring consistent quality, enhancing levels of customer satisfaction and ultimately preparing companies to enter new markets or increasing current market share by being able to better respond to market and customer requirements.

The scope of each project will be agreed between the Quality Champion and the Company. Beyond the initial project, further in-depth assistance may also be offered over an extended period of time subject to good progress. In selected cases, this support may also include training and guidance related to implementing selected standards. In such cases, all costs related to external audits and any additional investments required, are to be borne by the beneficiaries.

It should be noted that all support under this component is in the form of guidance, advice and training.


This initiative is open to current and potential exporters, producer groups/ cooperatives, manufacturers and/or processing entities and related facilities committed to improving the quality of products and operations

In order to be eligible for support, beneficiaries must be:

  1. Seriously committed to improving the quality and food safety of products and operations
  2. legally registered entities located in Tanzania and active in the coffee, tea, spices or avocado sectors
  3. In business for at least 2 years
  4. Willing to invest time, staff, and to implement improvements subject to available resources


Interested potential beneficiaries are invited to respond to this invitation by completing the form below and sending it by mail to:

Mr Safari Fungo, MARKUP Regional Coordinator and National Coordinator for Tanzania, Mr Simon Heisig & Ms Margareta Funder, Quality for Trade Programme, International Trade Centre, Geneva Switzerland.

Mails to be used: sfungo@intracen.org, sheisig@intracen.org, funder@intracen.org

Kindly include the sector and country in the title of your mail and please note that only successful applicants will be contacted.

Please note that the deadline for applications is 12 July 2019

Application documents are available here: EAC QM EOI V1.8 Tanzania